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Please copy or download the enquiry sheet, filling the necessary basic data of your project and email to us. We will give you the appropriate complete Chinese turbine generator unit selection and quotation sheet for your project within about ten working days.

Enquiry Sheet


Project Name:




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Basic Data for the Hydropower Project

    Max., net, min. Head:

 Hr=  m       ( Necessary )

    Upstream level:


    Tailrace level:


    Max, rated, min. flow:

 Qr=  m3/s (Single) ( Necessary )

    Rated output:

 N=   X MW      ( Necessary )

    Install units:

     Units      ( Necessary )

    Install altitude:

     m       ( Necessary )

    Rated frequency :

     Hz       ( Necessary )

    Power factor:

            ( Necessary )

    Penstock Length / Diameter:

     m / Dia. m

    Single line diagram of the hydropower plant or Voltage level of the grid

( Necessary for the quotation of electric equipment )








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